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MHOF – Meet our Grandfathered Inductees

The first thirty-five inductees of the museum were grandfather clauses into the Marijuana Hall of Fame during its inception based on origin, history, advocacy, culture, research and development, industry impact, archives, influencers, countless interviews and other major media sources. Every year thereafter, there will be a nomination process, in which we will honor seven individuals, organizations, and/or entities based on the seven leaves that make up the Cannabis plant that share the truth about marijuana, advocate for the responsible consumption of marijuana for medical and adult use purposes, cannabis criminal justice reform, and embody diversity, equity, and inclusion in the industry. Grandfathered Inductees 03-04-2022



Cannabis History Forever

Marijuana Hall of Fame, an organization that is focused on the promotion of cannabis businesses and pioneers who have individually made an impact on the legalization of cannabis, innovation in cannabis products or processes, or have contributed to the large-scale normalization of cannabis use for medicinal or adult use.   

The Marijuana Hall of Fame Museum gives the industry participants a place to visit, celebrate the inductees and the history of cannabis, purchase merchandise and memorabilia, and something to be proud of after decades of the negative stigma surrounding the plant. 

The Marijuana Hall of Fame belongs to the culture, cannabis community, and businesses in the industry, currently existing and those that will be developed. 



Brick and Mortar Building Coming Soon

The Marijuana Hall of Fame® Vision is to:

  1. Help raise public awareness of the medical and recreational benefits of the cannabis plant
  2. And to educate the masses on the history!

The Marijuana Hall of Fame Museum is coming soon!!!


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