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Vincent Miranda Dante Gabriel Thomasina Joel Lisa Tony Vincent CEO and Founder

Vincent E. Norment

CEO and President

Vincent E. Norment is an inventor and entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CEO of Marijuana Hall of Fame®. Vincent is passionate about recognizing the history of Cannabis through public recognition of individuals, organizations and businesses that educate, advocate and embody inclusion and diversity in the industry, and support the responsible use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes.

The Marijuana Hall of Fame® supports legislation to achieve similar objectives and decriminalize its use, something Vincent has advocated for many years.

Vincent’s path to pot was paved in pain. Norment is an Englewood, Chicago native who attended the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff where he played football for the HBCU, and later served in the U.S. Marines as a Sergeant. By 2008, his knees were shot, but he was wary of pharmaceutical drugs. He started using CBD after being turned on to the primary non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. “It started working and I started feeling better,” recalls Norment.

Vincent is also CMO of a Social Equity applicant group for a Cannabis dispensary in Illinois. With years of experience in sports marketing, Vincent and his marketing business partner Mathew Hill conceived, developed, and marketed DBANDS® (a headband with a non-slip middle strip) which was issued a federal trademark registration in 2011. In 2015, Vincent also conceived a mobile app which is in the late stages of development. The commercial service mark for the app was granted a federal registration in 2016 (GROUPSCE). The second trademark received a Notice of Allowance and is pending.

Being a serial entrepreneur does not mean sitting still after a successful exit or acquisition. Some of Vincent’s most successful ventures outside of the cannabis space include MusicTap, (which eventually sold to BlueStacks), FLAGLOGOS during the 2016 Chicago Olympic bid, and most recently, hemp-based Hemptensils – the Top Environmental Choice for American-made, Compostable Utensils.

Vincent’s favorite title is granddad; he loves spending time with his family and his dog, Halo. He is passionate about helping and mentoring up and coming entrepreneurs however he can, and being active in the great outdoors. Miranda VP of Development

Miranda Cummings

VP of Development

Another Chicagoland native on the team – Miranda has dedicated herself to motivating the masses through creative experiences for as long as she can remember. After several years of building her network with cannabis and cannabis adjacent brands during her time at Westword newspaper in Denver, she developed her own experiential consulting agency: macy|mktg. This change allowed her to focus more on the moments that matter for cannabis brands and how to strengthen the consumer experience with their products. After curating many powerful experiences at the famous Invisible Citymacy|mktg has quickly become a trusted consulting agency for multiple cannabis brands and has an ever-growing portfolio of unique consumption-friendly experiences in multiple states.

She is also currently crushing her role as Marketing Director for one of the largest processors in Oklahoma: Noble Nectar Extracts. Miranda and her team at Noble Nectar Extracts have worked tirelessly on improving the standard of satisfaction in the Oklahoma cannabis community through their well-organized event and cannabis competition, The Noble Cup; their inclusivity-focused beta testing program, The Nectar Collective, and their emphasis on budtender education with Stay Noble University. 

In true cannabis entrepreneur fashion, Miranda recently made Merry Jane Media’s 2020 Power Players shortlist, and has her sights set on launching a flower line in Oklahoma's medical market with a few other experts in the industry – slated to hit the shelves in 2021. With creativity, charisma, and communication at the epicenter of each project she encounters, Miranda’s determination is sure to get the job done — and done well. Dante VP of Operations

Danté Hamilton

VP of Operations

E. Dante Hamilton, a graphic and web designer, is the founder of Internet Webpages Newspaper, Inc (IWN), a certified DBE, MBE, BEP and Section 3 business located in Chicago, Illinois and established on January 14, 1998. IWN is a publishing, website services and event management business formerly located in downtown Chicago from August 2009 through November 2020.

Hamilton has been involved in the Illinois cannabis arena since 2019 after launching a four-page, tabloid titled™ Newspaper in print. Hamilton is also known for launching and organizing CannabisEquityX™ Conference and Expo event series held throughout 2019 and early 2020 (pre-pandemic) at his downtown office. These events helped educate and inform social equity applicants how to prepare for filing Illinois cannabis dispensary, craft grow, infusion and transportation license applications. Hamilton is also founding organizer of the Cannabis Equity Meetup Group, with nearly 400 members. In February 2020 Hamilton published an eight-page, tabloid™ Newspaper right before the pandemic hit in March 2020.  

Currently, he is working on relaunching both periodicals in addition to a new Illinois Cannabis Guide™ printed directory and the first annual Chicago Cannabis Week™ and Illinois Cannabis Awards™ virtual experience events. Hamilton is also a founding manager of IL Cannabis Group, LWCA, which is an Illinois, limited worker cooperative association company with an assorted portfolio of ancillary, cannabis business related brands. Gabriel Digital Marketing Strategist

Gabriel Heinemann

Digital Brand & Marketing Strategist

Gabriel Heinemann is an Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Digital Marketing Expert with over 20 years of experience in advertising and marketing, and over 10 years working in the cannabis space. Thomasina VP of Partnerships

Thomasina Perkins

VP of Partnerships

Thomasina has joined this esteemed group of professionals as an official member of the Executive Team and shall advise the Marijuana Hall of Fame (MHoF) operating as the VP of Partnerships.

Thomasina has become an advocate for inclusion and diversity in the Cannabis industry and supports the responsible use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes; using her voice in support of legislation to achieve decriminalization of its use worldwide, especially as it pertains to the disparity in sentencing for persons of color.  She joins her fellow MHoF executive team members and it’s focus on education initiatives aimed at normalizing and destigmatizing cannabis.  Ms. Perkins uses her background in Public relations to foster strategic partnerships for the MHoF in the areas of corporate, sports and entertainment.

Born in Jersey City, NJ; raised abroad and in the US as an "Army Brat", Thomasina was exposed to various cultures during her youth.  She has settled in the DC Metro area since 1999, has two (2) adult children, (a son who has sparked the biggest WHY and support of the cannabis industry for his opportunity to create legal generational wealth) four (4) grandchildren. She has a myriad of other titles to include: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Principal Publicist of Capitol Public Relations, LLC (CPR); Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Fellow; Chief Communications Officer of the newest Meet Now/Dating App WinknDrink and Majority Team Owner of the Washington Women’s Football Team within the WFLA (Women’s Football League Association). Joel VP of International Affairs

Joel Camarena

VP of International Affairs

Joel Camarena is a Cannabis Marketing and Branding Strategist, founded Cronic Magazine in 2010 and grew it into one of America's most respected and sought after marijuana magazine's. He has now expanded his publication into Latin America along with his hemp company as one of the first to enter the Mexican marijuana marketplace and is paving the way in the newly emerging industry.

With his global perspective, the entrepreneurial-minded Camarena is a recognized expert in the industry, with national and international speaking credits and several publications to his name. He received his marketing degree and also an associates degree in digital arts and graphic design. He's been featured in one of Latin America's most prominent news programs and is actively involved in the legalization efforts in Mexico. In his spare time he enjoys family, traveling, cooking and and helping others live a healthier lifestyle through Cannabis. Lisa VP of Communications 2

Lisa Solomon Mann

VP of Communications

Lisa appreciates the cannabis plant for its many healing properties, rich history in medical and spiritual practices dating back thousands of years, and the legacy markets that cropped up across the US and around the world. Her mission to normalize and destigmatize cannabis includes cannabis education events curated for the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Reader, and a Cannabis Conversations podcast segment for the Reader. 

Lisa’s focus on education initiatives aims to normalize and destigmatize cannabis, to enable people to heal physically and emotionally, and continue to shed light on work that needs to be done to right the wrongs done by the war on drugs. Her professional background includes international investment advising and derivative financial product development for investment banks in NY and London, counseling victims and perpetrators of sexual abuse, running nonprofit organizations, and 20 years of fundraising for pediatric medical research. 

As a mom of three young adult children, Lisa encourages parents and educators to have open and honest conversations about cannabis with children, just as they should about OTC medications, opioids, and alcohol. She is an active member of Illinois Women in Cannabis, Cannabis Equity Illinois Coalition, and Chicago NORML, and has completed multiple medical cannabis wellness courses. Tony VP of Urban Affairs

Tony Frazier

VP of Urban Affairs

Antoine "Tony" Frazier has 15 plus years in wireless technology experience. He currently manages the social media of the Marijuana Hall of Fame and played a major role in the marketing development of the brand and the company’s launch. Tony has been involved in the cannabis industry through various outlets of market research + development, and has been a true advocate of the culture with vast knowledge of medical and recreational consumption.